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ADVANCED IP Phone System Solutions

Communications are an essential part of all companies. Upgrade your business phones to suit your business. Customized and cost-effective, we believe phones don’t need to be complicated. It should be easy to use, manage and feature-rich. Advanced Communications provides small business phone system solutions in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area, with a wide array of phone systems to choose from. Our one point of contact for sales and service makes choosing a system from Advanced Communications easy! We focus on the small to medium-sized business market and have an array of business phones and services to keep your business connected with easy to use solutions. We offer the most popular brands to fit your business needs and budget.

The new Allworx Connect phone systems take the battle-tested reliability Allworx to a new level of performance. The Connect family comes in five models that can easily scale to meet your business needs. So whether you have a few employees in a single location or hundreds of employees across multiple locations, Allworx Connect packs in enterprise-grade business phone features in an affordable package. A simple, easy to use low maintenance system and business phones that work easy together to create a robust feature rich VoIP communications system for your office!

  • Compact design
  • No moving parts
  • Enhanced system security
  • Fast processor
  • On-the-go mobility
  • Simple and easy to use
Small Business Phone Systems
Office Phone Systems

Business PhonesEpygi QX line of VoIP communication platform provides a feature rich, easy to use system that you can mix and match IP phones of your choosing! From a basic small business phone system to high-end executive phone systems, Epygi QX lines allows for complete control over the phones you want with plug-n-play ability to easily add/delete/change IP business phones and change features on the go! Epygi’s compact size, speedy web interface and multitude of system features allows your company to have an on-the-go, easy-to-use communication system for your business.

Why Epygi? Flexibility and feature rich!

Epygi Business Phone Systems
Epygi Executive Phone Systems
  • Compact size
  • VoIP ready
  • Rack mountable
  • Low power usage
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mix and match over 20 different IP phones
  • Free software updates
  • Feature rich with call forwarding, voicemail to email, find me follow me and more

Cloud PBX

We offer 2 brands of business phones that provide clear calls and feature-rich solutions to stay connected with your office! Simple to use and manage web-based interface allows you to make changes on the fly – in or out of the office – keeping you focused on your business!

Cloud PBX Conference Speaker
Cloud PBX Business Phone System
Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses
Cloud PBX Phones for Business

No desk phone? No problem!

Use a “virtual extension” and have calls ring directly to your mobile phone so you never miss a call! Cloud PBX lets you have all the features as a big fortune 500 companies but without having to have a staff of support personnel to maintain the system. All support is included in the monthly service so you save on support costs. You get the following feature pack included in each user’s phone: Unlimited nationwide calling, call forwarding, find me follow me, extension dialing, voicemail, voicemail to email, transfer, intercom, 3 way conference, notification alerts, speed dials and more!