Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Looking to monitor your business from anywhere? Meet our cloud-based video surveillance!

Affordable Solution For Any Sized Business

Our cloud-based video surveillance is perfect for any sized business, no matter your budget! Now you can monitor your business from anywhere and a price you can afford.

Reduce Your Liability & Deter Criminal Activity

Implementing a security solution reduces criminal activity on your premises. Plus, our off-site cloud based storage keeps your footage secure.

Staying Protected Has Never Been Easier

Our cloud-based video survaillance is quick and easy to setup, and doesn’te require an IT department to maintain! Plus, updates are automatically deployed to your system! 

We Take The Tech Out Of It

Our solution works with most major brands of IP cameras

integrated intelligence in every connection for smarter surveillance

no need to purchase NVR’s, backup servers, or bridges

Choose from a variety of Domes, Bullet, and Turret cameras from
2mp to 8mp

Get Cloud-Based
Video Surveillance

Services Needed:

Let's Talk Security as a Service (SaaS)

Our centrally managed software and cloud-connected hardware allows you to:

Powerful search tools and accessibility transforms video surveillance footage from forensic data into actionable information. Organizations can choose to purchase new hardware up-front or through subscription options. Learn more about Security as a Service.

Providing powerful intelligence that streamlines security and improves operational efficiency beyond security.

Smarter Security

Watch over more in less time with intelligent alerts, custom views, and powerful search tools. Turn surveillance data into actionable intel that can be quickly distributed across an organization. Take advantage of tools smart enough to know the difference between someone walking by or suspiciously lingering around.

Smarter Operations

The benefits of smarter technology extend beyond security. Intelligent alerts and analytics provide data to inform operations management. The ability to remotely grant and revoke access can increase operational efficiency. Tools like skin temperature alerts can help provide healthier work environments.