Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solution

Managing security operations can be tough. Having the wrong solutions could be problematic in protecting property, staff, assets, and more! A cloud-based video surveillance solution is your answer.

cloud-based video surveillance solution


SMBs deserve a reliable cloud-based video surveillance solution without the inflated costs of installation and on-going maintenance.

cloud-based video surveillance solution

Reduces Liability

Implementing a cloud surveillance solution helps deter theft and reduces your liability, allowing you to focus on your business.

secure cloud-based video surveillance solution

Seamless Service

There is no need for in-house IT staff to maintain and troubleshoot, and updates are automatically deployed to your system.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solutions for businesses

  • uses most existing IP cameras
  • choose from a variety of cloud cameras to 8mp to PTZ
  • no need to purchase NVR’s, backup servers, or bridges
  • integrated intelligence in every connection

It starts with Security as a Service.

Easily control cameras, grant access to doors, and set intelligent alerts with centrally managed software and cloud-connected hardware. An unlimited number of cameras and access control points can be added. Custom floor plan views, map views, and powerful dashboards keep data organized as operations scale. With powerful search tools and accessibility transforms video surveillance footage from forensic data into actionable information. Organizations can choose to purchase new hardware up-front or through subscription options. Learn more about Security as a Service.

Providing powerful intelligence that streamlines security and improves operational efficiency beyond security.

Focus on moments that matter the most. Intuitive dashboards, simple sharing, and the processing power of the cloud increase accessibility to an array of intelligent, industry-focused tools. Leveraging a variety of analytics, AI and intelligent alerts improves security operations and drives operational efficiency beyond physical security.

Smarter Security

Watch over more in less time with intelligent alerts, custom views, and powerful search tools. Turn surveillance data into actionable intel that can be quickly distributed across an organization. Take advantage of tools smart enough to know the difference between someone walking by or suspiciously lingering around.

Smarter Operations

The benefits of smarter technology extend beyond security. Intelligent alerts and analytics provide data to inform operations management. The ability to remotely grant and revoke access can increase operational efficiency. Tools like skin temperature alerts can help provide healthier work environments.

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