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Over the past several years, businesses have increasingly transitioned away from in-house or locally hosted network infrastructure and migrated their services as well as applications to the cloud. With a cloud-based network, the services, applications, and software are managed by cloud service providers on a virtualized infrastructure. These services and applications are then delivered across the internet to the businesses when required.

At Advanced Communications LLC, we offer a wide range of cloud solutions to meet the varying needs of business owners. As a cloud service provider, we work with our clients to help them transition seamlessly to the cloud. We also ensure that our clients derive the maximum benefits of using a cloud-based network. Some of the benefits that our clients obtain from using our cloud services include:


As businesses grow, it is important that the capacity of the network infrastructure is increased to keep up with business growth. With cloud-based service, it is relatively easy to adjust the capacity of a network infrastructure to match its growth; there are no limitations to the extent to which businesses can scale their infrastructure


The ability to work from any location is one of the biggest advantages of the cloud. Since all the relevant applications and software are stored virtually, employees do not have to work from fixed locations; any internet-capable device can be used to retrieve cloud data from any location with an internet connection.


One of the greatest risks faced by any business during a disaster is data loss. If stored locally, the data may be irretrievable following a disaster. With a cloud storage system, however, no data is lost in the event of a disaster as they are stored on virtual servers. The data can be easily restored after a disaster so that businesses can resume their normal processes with minimal interruption.

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