VOIP phones use the Internet to carry your call signals. The Internet has both retail and wholesale levels available and the the prices vary a great deal.

A compelling reason to check with Advanced Communications is that they are in a position to get wholesale prices on VOIP phone services. Since they have a far lower overhead than the huge phone companies, they are able to offer VOIP services at a substantial discount.

One effective way to see just how much Advanced Communications could save your company is to have then do a “Phone Bill Analysis” for you.

If you have any questions, need a quote, or would like to schedule and appointment, in the Tampa area, call – 813 805 8963 – or use the form on their website; https://www.advancedcomllc.com/#contact

If your business is in the Orlando area, you can call – 407 412 9153. For companies located in the Dallas area, call – 214-550-8600

Since Advanced Communications works with numerous phone manufacturers and multiple Internet carriers, they can provide their clients with the best deals, rather than trying to make one product fit all clients.