Effective communication is an essential part of any business, and your phone system is a crucial part of staying connected. The Allworx Connect phone systems are customizable, feature-rich VoIP solutions for your business communication needs.

The Allworx Connect platform is already helping over 52,000 business locations increase efficiency and cut operating costs. With five scalable models, your VoIP system can always meet your specific requirements. Join a handful of employees at a central office or hundreds of employees across multiple locations. And as your company grows, the service grows with you. Trade up from one system to another as need increases, allowing up to 250 users to connect 60 concurrent external calls.

VoIP Business Phone Solution Highlights

Implementing the Allworx Connect VoIP system allows you to increase efficiency and add mobility. Enjoy features like:

  • Centralized reception that supports multiple sites
  • Replicate the desktop phone experience on Android and iOS phones
  • Check voicemails from your email inbox
  • Skype application integration
  • Flexible notifications, messages, and music for incoming calls

Allworx Connect Phone System Advantages

With the customizable Allworx Connect system, your business will be running on the latest technology in the VoIP field. These compact designs are wall- and rack- mountable, equipped with advanced solid-state storage subsystems, and optionally fitted with analog FXO ports. The Connect Models come with an array of features including:

  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with VLANs
  • Bank-grade HTTPS encryption for secure access
  • SIP video support

Why You Should Use Advanced Communications, LLC

Advanced Communications has been an expert provider of VoIP and cloud solutions for over 15 years. We are prepared to help you design and implement one-vendor voice and data solutions tailored to your business, complete with full technical support.

Email us today to get the answers to your phone system needs, or call our offices in Dallas and Plano, TX (214) 550-8600, Tampa (813) 805-8963, or Orlando (407) 720-7500.