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07 Feb

Finding the Right Business Phone System for Your Business

Today’s marketplace offers multitudes of business phone systems. From small to medium to large sized businesses, there are many choices. Whether choosing from a VOIP system, PBX, virtual PBX systems or more, there are many to choose from. There are many types of configurations and types of networks with so many questions to ask. But how does a business find the right business phone system… Read More

01 Feb

Providing Customized Data Networking Solutions for Business

Advanced Communications believes in bringing the best technology systems to every small and medium-sized company they meet. We offer solutions to many of your business’ needs, including business digital phone systems, VOIP phone systems, data networking, surveillance systems, infrastructure design and implementation, audio/video installations and more. With over fifteen years of experience and service, we understand what the business market needs and have a great… Read More

01 Feb

Offering the Best in Phone System Technology

At Advanced Communications, we strive for not only the best services that we can offer and perform but the highest quality technology that can be passed on to our clients. We want to be a company’s one stop solution for all your needs, whether it be for business phone systems, VOIP systems, data networking, infrastructure design and implementation, surveillance systems, audio and visual installations and… Read More

24 Jan

Utilize Our Consulting Services to Help Serve You

At Advanced Communications, we are a full service business telecommunications company and we strive to help our clients every way possible through these means and related questions. From digital phone systems to VOIP business systems to data networking and many other services, we are pleased to offer our fifteen years of experience in the professional telecommunications industry to provide the best services to small and… Read More

18 Jan

Advanced Communications Offers Two VOIP Solutions for Business

At Advanced Communications, we are constantly looking to improve and add the finest of technologies and services to our clients. We also believe in giving the best service and customer service possible to making our relationships the best they can be. One of the ways that we offer our clients options and finer technology is through the two different VOIP solutions that we offer. The… Read More

18 Jan

Services Available Through Advanced Communications

At Advanced Communications, we strive to be the one-stop technology solution for small to medium sized businesses. Advanced Communications offers digital and VOIP phone systems, data networking, infrastructure design and implementation, surveillance systems among other solutions. With over fifteen years of experience and success in Florida, it was a natural move to open an office in the Dallas, Texas area to meet the needs of… Read More

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