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19 Jan

VOIP Phone Features Today

With innovations and advances, VoIP is emerging as the leading communications technology and the inevitable “phone system of the future.” Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems have come a long way since their inception. Internet connections and widely-accessible broadband have transformed PBX systems into a data-dependent, digital delivery system for voice and multimedia communications. This new system is called a Voice-over-Internet Protocol network, or VoIP… Read More

30 Dec

Cable vs. Wireless Networks

Before you decide which to use, cable or wireless, you should consider a few important facts: Cost. The price is always a big question for networks. Cable networks require Ethernet cables, hubs, switches and in some cases routers. All this equipment is fairly inexpensive when compared to wireless network equipment. Wireless equipment can cost three to four times more than their wired counterparts. Performance. Ethernet… Read More

23 Dec

Allworx Interact ‘Best of Show’ at IT Expo Miami 2014

Allworx Interact™ phone system was selected as a winner of the Best of Show Award for Best SMB Solution at TMC’s ITEXPO, held Jan. 28-31, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Winners of the prestigious Best of Show Award program are reserved for products or services that demonstrate creativity and technological innovation. Interact is designed to leverage the simplicity of the PC-based user interface with… Read More

30 Nov

Why Hire an IP Communications Consultant?

We have all witnessed the convergence of major technologies in the last decade. Telephones, fax machines, texting, Internet surfing, entertainment, and eCommerce are now one big technology. When it comes to equipping our business with communication devices, many of us get lost in the complexities. The same thing happened long ago with our laws. Laws were fairly simple in the 1800’s, but today, there are… Read More

29 Nov

80% of U.S. businesses overcharged on their phone bills

I saw this article at, and although it’s from back in 2005, we are still seeing similar problems with the billings of major phone carriers. Although most companies consider their phone bill one of their top expenses, few take the time to have someone look over the bill for errors. Those that do usually only employ a part-time worker, but a study by The… Read More

27 Oct

Business Phone Hackers Steal Billions

Since most phone systems are now based on the Internet, hackers have a new way to use an old trick to make money. Each year, hackers run up fraudulent phone bills totaling over $4 billion, according to the Communications Fraud Control Association. This fraud is also growing by about one billion dollars per year. Here’s how they do it – First, the hacker signs up… Read More

16 Oct

Leasing Telecommunications Equipment

When your company decides it’s time to purchase a new telephone system or related devices, you basically have two choices; buy or lease. Leasing telecommunications equipment is is actually the smarter choice and is made by thousands of companies each year. According to recent statistics, over $2 billion worth of telecommunications equipment is leased every year by companies in the US. This is because they… Read More

30 Sep

Building a small office network

Building a small office network starts with a foundation of switches and routers. It’s important to understand the difference between switches and routers and to develop a clear vision for what your network foundation needs. The Difference Between Switches and Routers When building a small office network, the two most essential pieces of equipment you will need are switches and routers. Though they look similar,… Read More

24 Sep

A Quick History of the Bell Laboratory

Bell Laboratories was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. It is the research and development subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent. Its headquarters is in Murray Hill, New Jersey, but it has facilities throughout the world. In 1925, Western Electric Research Laboratories and part of the engineering department of the American Telephone & Telegraph company (AT&T) were consolidated to form Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., as a separate entity. In… Read More

30 Aug

The First Telephone

The first successful two-way transmission of clear speech was made by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson on March 10, 1876. Now a part of American history, Bell said into the device, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” and Watson answered. Bell’s telephone used a microphone made of a double electromagnet, in front of which a membrane, stretched on a… Read More

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