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30 Nov

Transportation Companies Need Telecommunications

Transportation and logistics is a $1.3 trillion industry and being able to manage goods that are being shipped around the country is important. The time of delivery of packages needs to be coordinated with an effective team that knows how to use telecommunications technology. With a workforce that spends a majority of the time on the road or in the air, the office workers that… Read More

29 Oct

How to use Telecommunications to Improve Productivity

The success of a company is a reflection of the strength of a team. Subject matter experts and senior management in organizations meet regularly to find new ways to improve productivity by using available resources or investing in new telecommunications technology. In a perfect world access to software that helps a smaller number of employees work on different responsibilities is one way to increase profits…. Read More

28 Feb

Four things to do before choosing a VoIP service

So you’re ready to take the plunge and move to VoIP. Good for you! You’ll be even happier to know that finding great hosted VoIP services on the open market isn’t that hard. Knowing exactly where to start though can help save you a ton of headaches and prevent you from purchasing unnecessary services. Finding a good small business VoIP isn’t too hard so long… Read More

24 Feb

Finding the right kind of phone system for your small business

The sheer number of phone systems out there leaves the typical small business owner with a whole mess of choices to consider. From VoIP to your more traditional landline networks, today’s systems can do any number of things for emerging businesses. Which one is right for you? That’s the question we’ll try to answer today. While there’s certainly no, single ‘one-size fits-all’ answer, we can… Read More

06 Aug

Ignoring the Improvement Room

We have all heard the catchphrase, “There is always room for improvement.” Sometimes, it is easy to ignore the improvement room because it is–let’s face it—more work. We allow ourselves to be content with the day in and day out business operations. Take heed, the same operations of business year in and year out is not the way to run or grow a business successfully,… Read More

29 Jul

Small Business Phone Installation Advantages

An essential factor of any small business is voice communication, this element is highly critical to your overall success. The workers you have employed need to be able to communicate easily and securely with the client base you have. Employees also need to be able to contact potential clients and carry out business calls in a professional manner. It is then imperative you install a… Read More

24 Jul

Relocating the Office and IT equipment

Sometimes, a business move is inevitable. Business might have to relocate to a less expensive option, it is required to move due to lease issues, or the office is upgrading to a larger space. Whatever the reasons the office must relocate it can lead to headaches and stress, especially if the office has many computers, printers, and a complicated telecom system. Here are a few… Read More

20 Jun

Petrolia Strikes Oil with Epygi

Since Petrolia was founded in 2009, they have been actively acquiring oil and gas leases throughout Texas, primarily in Central Texas, the Anadarko Basin and the Permian Basin. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Petrolia also has satellite offices in Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas, with their field office and personnel located in Borger, Texas. Through strategic negotiations, Petrolia secures wellbores that have been abandoned, marginally producing… Read More

20 May

Key Tips to Consider Prior to Choosing an IP Communications Company

Communicating with your clients and customers is the key to success for any company. New IP communication solutions continually offer new and unique opportunities for businesses to connect with its customers and staff. A positive experience is so important for creating and developing loyalty and gaining new customers. Today’s communications system is very complex, while technologies such as VoIP, unified communications and SIP bring undoubted… Read More

10 May

How Businesses are Cutting Down on Expenses

How Businesses are Cutting Down on Expenses No matter the size of your business, when things start moving slowly, it is time to look at the expense report and find ways to cut down on costs. What are some ways to cut costs without sacrificing on quality? What are the first things to go? Let’s look at ways to save businesses money even in this… Read More

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