Why You Need Cloud Based Video Surveillance and Tips to Implement It 

Video surveillance camera

Keeping your business protected at all times is one of the most essential parts of running a business. Thankfully, with today’s technology, protecting your assets and employees is easier than ever! Gone are the days when you had to deal with complicated security systems. With cloud-based video surveillance, you’ll have everything you need to secure […]

How Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Adds Security to Your Location  

business man monitoring cloud-based video surveillance

In today’s business world, security is a top priority. Companies of all sizes and industries must ensure their facilities, employees, and assets are protected. One effective way to achieve this is through cloud-based video surveillance solutions.   These surveillance solutions offer businesses many benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. In today’s blog, we’ll […]

An Introduction to Cloud-Based Phone Systems 

cloud-based phone systems

More applications are moving to the cloud than ever before. Why? Because the technology is more flexible and cost-effective than their on-premises and antiquated counterparts. The same can be said for business communications – a key component of any company. More service providers are offering cloud-based solutions for businesses. But how does a cloud phone […]

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Growth of Video Conferencing

woman discussing the growth of video conferencing on camera

he technology infrastructure required for businesses to allow their workers to work remotely has been in place for decades, if not longer. However, for a variety of reasons, most businesses did not adopt the technology needed for remote working or make the necessary cultural adjustments in their workplace to allow employees to work remotely. As […]

Cloud-Based vs. Premise-Based Phone Systems: Which One is Right for your Business?

phone systems

Every business needs a way to communicate with customers and vendors, so phone systems are usually the first method of communication that comes to most owners’ minds. Obtaining phone services seems like a straightforward task, but there are different options that businesses can consider when obtaining these communication services. Business owners should be aware of […]

5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Today cloud technology allows us to host websites without relying on a single server. Cloud hosting can streamline your workflow processes, improve security, and cut expenses. But many people still have reservations. It helps to first understand how cloud hosting really works.  WHAT IS CLOUD HOSTING?  Hosting websites “in the cloud” can sound vague and uncertain. The […]