What is UCaaS and how can it benefit your business?

man using UCaaS

Our world is moving faster than ever. Through the pandemic of 2020, we learned how important business communications, video conferencing, and real-time connections really are. Businesses that were not prepared to send their employees home and work remotely had near disastrous results. There were some companies that were quick thinking and were able to limp through the […]

Office Phone Systems for Your Business

people using office phone systems

Office phone systems are an integral part of any business. They can be used to contact customers, clients, and employees while reducing the amount of time spent on hold or transferring calls. Cloud-based and premises-based telephone systems have their pros and cons which we will discuss a little further down.  This article will help you decide which office phone […]

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Business

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Businesses today run at the speed of light. All the current technology can help you stay competitive in your field. However, if your business still uses dated technology, you could be at a disadvantage. When you use a Plain old telephone service (POTS) combined with other services, you are not only wasting money, but also […]

Stop Robocalls with a Cloud-Based Phone System

stop robocalls

According to the Federal Communications Commission, (FCC) unwanted phone calls is the number one consumer complaint.  These unwanted calls come mostly in the form of illegal spoofed robocalls. When a caller has falsified the information that is transferred to the caller id display this is referred to as being spoofed. Spoofed calls hide the caller’s […]

Choosing the Right Headset for Work

work headset

Do you want the background noise or the all-out-noise cancellation that makes it feel like you’re standing next to the caller?  What is right for your business environment?  Knowing which type of headset is best for your situation will make your work life easier and just plain better.  The right type of headset for your […]

How Mobile Apps Affect Remote Workers

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Nearly everything about 2020 was difficult, and organizations across the globe have been impacted heavily by the need to transition employees from working collectively in their offices into the remote work model. While remote work isn’t a new concept overall, for many businesses, it is a new frontier that they have had to conquer over […]

New Cloud PBX Package Plans

cloud PBX package

In response to changing business needs and increased demand for cloud-based phone systems, Advanced Communications is now offering two package plans for Advanced Cloud PBX Services. Our business phone service plans bring cost-effective business phone systems to our customers without the need to install or maintain any equipment. Whether you are running a small or a large […]

VoIP Business Solutions with Allworx Connect Phone Systems

allworx phone system

Effective communication is an essential part of any business, and your phone system is a crucial part of staying connected. The Allworx Connect phone systems are customizable, feature-rich VoIP solutions for your business communication needs.  The Allworx Connect platform is already helping over 52,000 business locations increase efficiency and cut operating costs. With five scalable models, your VoIP system […]

5 Ways VoIP Aids Success in International Business

voip phone helping international business

One of the key ingredients to the success of any international business is the efficacy and the cost-effectiveness of its communications systems. Having a good telecommunications system enables employees to communicate effectively with each other internally, and it also allows the employees to communicate with external clients. For businesses located in multiple geographical locations nationally […]

Cloud-Based vs. Premise-Based Phone Systems: Which One is Right for your Business?

phone systems

Every business needs a way to communicate with customers and vendors, so phone systems are usually the first method of communication that comes to most owners’ minds. Obtaining phone services seems like a straightforward task, but there are different options that businesses can consider when obtaining these communication services. Business owners should be aware of […]