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30 Nov

Transportation Companies Need Telecommunications

Transportation and logistics is a $1.3 trillion industry and being able to manage goods that are being shipped around the country is important. The time of delivery of packages needs to be coordinated with an effective team that knows how to use telecommunications technology. With a workforce that spends a majority of the time on the road or in the air, the office workers that… Read More

29 Oct

How to use Telecommunications to Improve Productivity

The success of a company is a reflection of the strength of a team. Subject matter experts and senior management in organizations meet regularly to find new ways to improve productivity by using available resources or investing in new telecommunications technology. In a perfect world access to software that helps a smaller number of employees work on different responsibilities is one way to increase profits…. Read More

19 Sep

Financial Advisor’s Use More VoIP Technology

It is a challenge for many professionals in the financial industry to complete a number of tasks in a work day. The good news is VoIP gives Financial Advisors an opportunity to view the performance of their clients online and share desktop screens through programs like without having to leave their home or office. It also offers chance to use more technology to be… Read More

30 Aug

The Advancements of VoIP Technology

Do you remember when VoIP was the new cutting edge technology in the late 90′s? We became accustomed to the idea of voice data packets from an IP address sent over the internet which replaced traditional telephone networks. As it became more main stream, VoIP went from saving us money on long distant calls to a useful way to make domestic calls. When Skype appeared… Read More

31 Jul

How Orlando Businesses Can Capitalize Off of Advanced Communications

Do you have a full understanding how IP Communications works? This is the question that most businesses face when presented an opportunity to improve efficiency and save money on office phone systems. A recently study called “The SMB Market for IP Communications and Unified Communications” surveyed 1,250 small and medium sized businesses with less than 500 employees to find out whether they are taking advantage… Read More

10 Jun

Two Kinds of VoIP Softphone Apps

The internet has become an indispensable tool for most, if not all, people who needed to stay connected to their peers. It has permanently changed the landscape of communication, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. The public is steadily embracing internet-based technologies, and amongst which is VoIP. VoIP is a technology that enables any device that can connect to the internet to behave… Read More

05 May

Say Hello to Cloud-Based Telephony, Dallas!

Phone systems typically remain in use for about seven years before they are replaced or upgraded. This goes without saying that businesses must choose the right system the first time. You don’t want to suffer the consequences of poor choice for the next seven years! Dallas based companies, for example, must seek the help of experts in choosing and implementing the system that works best… Read More

21 Mar

More Dallas Small Businesses Are Using VoIP Phone Systems

Advanced Communications is a telecommunications firm that helps businesses located in Dallas area with use of our VoIP phones solutions. We are a telecommunications company that provides VOIP services, business phone systems, data networking, phone and high-speed internet service, cloud services and surveillance systems. We offer telecommunication services from small to medium sized businesses in Dallas, Orlando and Tampa. Every business should aim to have… Read More

13 Feb

Ready and Clear with Tampa Cloud VoIP Phone Systems

Advanced Communications is a telecommunications company that helps all kinds of businesses with the use of our custom VOIP Phone Solutions. We are a telecommunications company that provides VOIP services, business phone systems, data networking, phone and high-speed internet service, Cloud services and surveillance systems. If you have a business in the Tampa Bay area our custom VOIP Phone Systems can fulfill any of your… Read More

27 Jan

VOIP phones for Tampa, Orlando, and Dallas Companies

VOIP phones use the Internet to carry your call signals. The Internet has both retail and wholesale levels available and the the prices vary a great deal. A compelling reason to check with Advanced Communications is that they are in a position to get wholesale prices on VOIP phone services. Since they have a far lower overhead than the huge phone companies, they are able… Read More

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