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Advanced Communications is a full service communications equipment and service firm based in Tampa, Florida with more offices in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas. We focus on small to mid-size businesses and offer a total solution for any of your communication needs including, structured cabling, IP phone systems, Voice and data service, VoIP service, and Data Networking.

Our approach is simple: Service, Competitive Pricing, and expert knowledge to deliver a tailored solution for any business.

In Florida, we service Southwest and Central Florida with a focus on Tampa Bay and Orlando metro areas. In Texas, we focus on the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding metro areas. We have industry experience of 15+ years and are certified in many different types of IP phone systems and data networking standards. By offering a single point solution we minimize customer’s time shopping for multiple vendors and simplify your technology needs for your business. Our goal is to leverage technology to provide an enhanced cost-effective solution that is scalable to grow with your company.

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Looking For Business Solutions?

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Advanced Communications Business Phone Systems

Looking for a phone solution that fits your business needs? With our advanced solutions you are sure to find a feature-packed phone system that works for you, with a wide range of phone systems to choose from!

managed data

Advanced Communications Voice & Data Services

Gain access to the most competitive pricing and diversity in carriers with Advanced Communications. We supply unbeatable service and we guarantee the best pricing for services available in your area!

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Advanced Communications Data Networking

In today’s business world, network security and staying connected go hand-in-hand. That’s why we offer multiple business phone system brands and products that keep your network safe, secure, and connected!

Unleash the

Use a “virtual extension” and have calls ring directly to your mobile phone so you never miss a call! Cloud PBX lets you have all the features as a big fortune 500 companies but without having to have a staff of support personnel to maintain the system. All support is included in the monthly service so you save on support costs. You get the following feature pack included in each user’s phone: Unlimited nationwide calling, call forwarding, find me follow me, extension dialing, voicemail, voicemail to email, transfer, intercom, 3 way conference, notification alerts, speed dials and more!